Effortlessly run one-on-one meetings.

Hear app allows you to effortlessly run one-on-one meetings with actionable items, automatic follow-ups and sign-offs. All in under 5 clicks.

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Features precisely built for meetings

We are actively building Hear app for many companies. New features available to you every single week.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule one-on-one meetings in under five clicks.

Action Items

Create action items for each feedback in a easy-to-use user interface.

Private Notes

Create notes for you to keep track of suggestions. Easy & functional.

Automated Reminders

Get automated email reminders with agenda about your next one-on-one.

Slack Integration

Get notified about suggestions on Slack, as they happen.

Teams Support

Notify more than one person on the agreed action points.

Share via Email

Got an action you feel someone can handle? Share it via email.

Simple UX

Extremely simple UI & UX to get things done in under 5 mouse clicks.

Updates every week

Hear gets updated every single week. No restrictions. It's for you.

Better one-on-ones for everyone.