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HearApp - Connected meeting notes software.

Integrate HearApp Wherever You Go

We work with different platforms to provide you a smooth experience everywhere you go.

Google Calendar

Meetings scheduled on HearApp appear on your Google Calendar!


Zoom Meeting links get automatically created when scheduling on HearApp.


Popular holidays all across the world show up on your calendar!

The Meeting Lifecycle

The good thing? All meetings end! Jokes apart, there are three clear phases of a meeting - the before, the during and the after. With HearApp, we make everything effortless.

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Features precisely built for meetings

We are actively building HearApp for many companies. New features available to you every single week.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings effortlessly with your team.


Create action items in a easy-to-use user interface.

Shared Notes

Everyone in the meeting can take notes and they all get shared when it ends.

Automated Reminders

Set up reminders at the click of a button. Never forget to follow up!

Share via Email

Get your co-worker upto speed about a meeting they weren't a part of? Share a summary via email!

Teams Support

Get notified about upcoming meetings on Microsft Teams.

Simple UX

Extremely simple UI & UX to get things done in under 5 mouse clicks.

Updates every week

HearApp gets updated every single week. No restrictions. It's for you.

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