Privacy Policy

We believe that privacy is a basic human right. Your data is your data, not ours! The only time we will access your data (with your consent) is for troubleshooting or to help you with something you might need help with. We will never open any informatiopron that you store in HearApp unless you ask us to do so.

We log and store the IP address of all the machines accessing our servers, to make sure we are not allowing anyone unauthorised into the system.

About your data and your basic rights to privacy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new regulation in Europe enables people using various online platforms from using their information for any purpose other than the originally intended purpose. This gives the basic right for people to protect their personal information collected by these platforms. AIEDA (parent company of HearApp App), respects this regulation and we think more such regulations should come into practice. We have done everything possible to protect your personal information and to comply with GDPR. As the basic right to protect your personal information, here’s what your rights include in a GDPR compliant product:

Right to Erasure; You have the right to request us to erase the data that we might hold about you. Provided that you comply with the applicable law, which is now known as the Right to be forgotten under GDPR.

Right to Correction; You have the right to request for some correction in your personal information.

Right to Object; You hold the right to object how your personal information is processed.

Right to Portability; You hold the right to request us to transfer your personal information that we hold to another party.

Right to Access; You have the right to access your personal information we gather about you.

Your profile on HearApp includes the ability to exercise many of these rights. Should you have any more questions about this right, please write to

Post Account Cancellation Data

If you decide to cancel your account with HearApp, all your data will be erased 30 days from the time of cancellation. Anything that you hold in your account, will be permanently deleted from all our servers forever within 30 days. If you would like to retrieve the data back into your system and re-activate the account within 30 days, please write to

Security and Encryption

All the platforms that we use to run HearApp, utilises the latest version of SSL/TLS to transmit the data from your browser to the servers and back.

The database that we use are encrypted, so your information stays only between you and the database. Some of the most sensitive data, like Anonymous SATS are encrypted in the database, to protect user anonymity with their managers.

Cloud Services

To make sure HearApp runs as smooth as possible, we work with some of the cloud service provides for efficiency. But we make sure that these service provides are complying with the new GDPR. Products and services who are not complying with this new regulation will not be used with HearApp.

Government Data Requests

AIEDA will never hand over any of your data to the law enforcement authorities, unless a clear court order is issued. We work with our lawyers to make sure these court orders are being issued for a valid reason. On the other hand, all other claims, asking to share your data are rejected without second thoughts. Should there be any request that are from the authorities, we will notify you about such requests over an email.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

AIEDA’s lawyers update the privacy policy every once in a while. We might not notify about these changes every time, but when there is something important that is being changed, we will notify you over an email about that change. In-case you want to know more about the changes to the Privacy Policy, please write to

Your information with HearApp

When you are signing up with HearApp, we ask for some basic information from you to make sure the experience that we are trying to provide is seamless. But the information you provide is being used to send you notifications about your account, billing information and other things like your password reset emails.

At any point, if you think there is something wrong with your account, please contact our support to get things done quickly. You can write to

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