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What is Hear app?

Hear app is a powerful end-to-end one-on-one scheduling platform for small teams. We started building Hear for internal use at UnderstandBetter, Skcript and many other companies. Today, the platform is open for public beta to help managers across the globe run better, actionable one-on-one meetings.

Can I try Hear app for free?

Yes. You can sign-up for a 7-day free trial. But if you need some more time, write to us, and the magic will happen.

Is there a discount for Colleges?

Yes. We would love to support colleges and help the management know how their students are feeling about the college. The discount varies from one college to the other. Please write to us to avail the discounts.

Do the subscriptions renew automatically?

Yes. The billing happens every month automagically. You will receive a renewal notice three days before the actual renewal happens.

Why Hear app?

Hear app helps companies run organized one-on-one meetings. With features built specifically around running better meetings, Hear allows you to stay organized, informed and acknowledged about the happenings in the meeting.

Can I self-host Hear app?

No. We currently do not offer an on-premise solution. Hear app works on-cloud as intended, and if you want your own instance on the cloud, we can make that happen.

Can I cancel the plan at any time?

It will be a sad day for our team, and we would do whatever it takes to make you our happiest customer. But if you still insist, you can.

How do I contact support for more information?

If you prefer email, please write to If you prefer chat support, please click here.