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When looking for the best tool to write collaborative meeting minutes, actionable items and agenda, you might wonder how HearApp compares with Though comes with a lot of features, the workflow is a bit different from HearApp's. We built HearApp to help individuals like you and me to organize meeting notes, share it with clients, and so much more. The features that come packed with HearApp helps you write notes fast, set actionable items during the meeting, and also, share the notes with the people in the meeting. All in real-time. alternative is a collaborative meeting notes software for large teams and enterprises to connect either Google Calendar or Office 365 calendars to capture and share meeting notes easily. They also offer some integrations that could help you share action items to the platform your clients might already use.

Hear Meeting Software

HearApp was designed from the ground up to help individuals and managers in mind. This means, you don't have to wait for your company to sign-up for an account for you. You take control of your meetings, show how amazing you run your meetings and the entire platform is tailored to what a powerful individual like you would use. Even better, it works seamlessly with Google Calendar, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Hear Meeting alternative
Built forIndividuals & TeamsEnterprises
Cost per month$5/month$399/month
Automatic follow-upsYesNo

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