Why you should be a part of a public work session

When we first started with the lockdowns it was a wonder how we survived eating only veggies, no junk foods, and making the great tour - travelling from the hall to a dining room! Added to that was working from home! Sure we did it maybe a day or two in the past before, but this was completely different. We had to stay at home for weeks together and work productively.

It’s no wonder that everything did not go according to plan. Over time, we noticed it was getting harder to stay productive or be on a schedule. Heck it was hard to get changed out of pajamas!

This is when we found “work sessions”. Basically you sit in front of a laptop or a desktop whichever desired, and do the work live without any disturbance. Video is on and the mic is off. You get to see your team, interact with them face to face, and maybe if you’re lucky your host will play some nice music in the background.

Over time, we picked up a few things that help us prepare to attend a work session.

Prior to Joining:

  1. Adjust your clothing, check the place where you sit and work since it is a Video On session.
  2. Mute all your mobile phone notifications except the call intimation since you can get an emergency call at any time. Life is unpredictable!
  3. Avoid seeing the mobile phone even when the notification is off.
  4. Have a bottle of water next to you. Stay hydrated!
  5. See if you can sit away from the television and other distracting sounds. Our host plays a nice selection of lo-fi music. Here’s the playlist.
  6. Finally, mute yourself.

Now, you’re set to join your first work session! If you’d like to try this out before jumping in with your team, pick one of many public work sessions out there. We’re hosting one too! Hop on.

After you attend your first work session, you’ll finally see what all the hype is about. Expect to feel one or more of the following,

  1. A focussed work without any interruptions.
  2. Proper BRB’s, lunch and tea breaks.
  3. No more waiting time.
  4. Your session revolves around a specific finite work activity: designing, programming, writing, marketing etc whatever the task is. And you actually get it done!
  5. You have 9 hours of properly used working hours.
  6. A feeling of profound satisfaction after utilising the work time and the technology so efficiently.
  7. Addicted to NOT use your phone unnecessarily.
  8. Feeling and being more productive.

Anything practiced for a couple of days will become a new normal like our work session which has made a difference in the way we work out. There are many methods how a person can do the work in a productive way. One such strong recommendation is a work session. Try it out for yourselves!

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