What is a one-on-one meeting and how often should you run one?

Every successful manager in any organization is good at running one-on-one meetings. These meetings are crucial for every employee at any stage of the company. Be it a startup or a large organization, one-on-one meetings are a major part of their success.

What is a one-on-one meeting?

One-on-One meetings can be considered as a dedicated time that a manager spends talking to, understand, and planning the next set of things to do for an employee.

Every manager runs their one-on-one meetings in a different way, but there is always one common term that defines a good one-on-one: listening.

Who to run these one-on-one meetings for?

One-on-one meetings can be organized for anyone in the company at regular intervals. This makes it easy for the manager to spend time in these one-on-one meetings everyday, and still work on their tasks.

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