The 5 best questions you can ask during a one-on-one meeting

The past week has been hectic with multiple one-on-one meetings per day. I do this usually to my team of 15, but this time around, I decided to gather some data about how I run these one-on-one meetings. What I found was fascinating and something that you should know as well.

As a business owner, one-on-one meetings are the most common internal meetings I’ve ever organized/attended. Sometimes, people ask for it, sometimes, I send them an invite.

When I started my first one-on-one meeting with my subordinate, I had multiple questions in mind about these meetings:

  1. Should I prepare for these meetings?
  2. Should I make this meeting only about the things he/she should improve on?
  3. Do I look too stiff during these meetings?

Such questions kept popping up in my head. Fast forward six years, today, I realized that all the successful one-on-one meetings have some questions in common. Let me write them down for you today.

What should the one-on-one meetings be about?

One-on-one meeting are nothing more than a sync up meeting to understand what is going on in someone’s life (work), and see if you can improve or continue something from he output you get during these meetings.

One-on-one meetings are purely about the person who is on the other side of the table for you as a manager.

What should I do before the meeting starts?

Here’s a quick list of things you need to do:

  1. Prepare. Get to know who they are and what they;ve been up too.
  2. Gather data about the good things and the issues about that person. Use a platform like UnderstandBetter to gather this data instantly.
  3. Make sure you grab a cup of coffee or a bottle of water.
  4. Prepare the meeting room. Get a private room, since the discussion might be confidential.

5 best questions during a one-on-one meeting (2019 Edition)

  1. How are things going with you in the current project?
  2. What do you think we can improve to make you work better?
  3. Are there any gossips that you are hearing I should know about?
  4. Where do you think you are wasting a lot of your time?
  5. How frequent would you require feedback from me or others?

No matter when and where your one-on-one meetings are happening, these questions will help you understand more about the company on the whole.

Is there a tool that can help me run one-on-one meetings better?

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