How I made Work From Home, WORK.

Working from home is definitely something new I’ve done in 2020. Sure I’ve worked from home for maybe a day or two before but that’s nothing compared to what I’m doing now.

My day starts out at 6AM. I wake up, browse the internet for a while (it’s a bad habit, I’m trying to get myself to stop), then step out onto my balcony and either read or watch something. Once I’m less drowsy, I drag myself for a quick shower and start cooking at 7AM. I’m a slow cook. I enjoy this part of my day and am usually quite calm doing this!

Finally, it’s 9AM and I get ready for our morning standup meeting. It’s a “Video On” meeting. We made this decision since our standup meetings before this were more utilitarian and that’s not the most fun way to start out remote work. When we moved to video on, we started interacting more with the team, actually got out of bed (😛) and had way more productive meetings.

Our standup meetings start out with a 10 minute meditation session hosted by the gorgeous Rohini Manohar of Chennai Yoga Studio. She always ends meditation by saying “Curve those lips and smile at your colleagues. Namaste. 🙏🏼” which is such a small, simple but powerful mental cue that helps you connect with your team more.

The standup continues with people discussing what they’ll be working on and if they need any help from someone else. There’s also a healthy (this is completely subjective) dose of comedy and nonsense supplied by the office clowns!

And after that we were pretty much left to our own devices (quite literally) for the entire day until it’s time for the evening sync up call. This is where I started feeling bored and easily distracted. I missed the background of office banter and the light meaningless conversations. But you don’t get all that when you’re working from home! Or do you?

That’s when I stumbled across the concept of “Work Sessions”. They’re this 24x7 video calls that you can join in to recreate the ambience of work. They’re your remote work-from-home buddies!

We tried one out internally with the team - and it was EPIC. I felt so satisfied with my day and didn’t have that nagging guilt lingering onto me at the end of the day. It was great to see common faces, have a bit of a wind down before lunch with light conversation and resume back to work (cause now you’re accountable).

It worked so well that today we want to share that experience with you as well! Starting today, HearApp is hosting a public work session. Join in by yourself, bring along your friend, pets are welcome too!

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We have a lot more interesting activities planned. Come drop in for the fun. 🎉

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