The only meeting agenda template you will ever need for any meeting (Copy, Past and Send)

A meeting is not really a meeting without agenda, notes and a follow-up action item. This is the bare minimum that to keep in mind before, during and after a meeting.

Whether you are the CEO of a company or an intern, you are going to have to put in the effort to keep everything organized for your own as well as future reference about the meeting.

What does a good meeting consist of (the anatomy of a meeting)

A meeting has the following items/stakeholders involved:

  1. Purpose of the meeting
  2. Agenda for the meeting
  3. Participants of the meeting
  4. Your notes
  5. Decisions, action items and others
  6. Follow-up meeting

These are the only six things that constitutes to a meeting; without this, the activity is just a conversation and not necessarily a meeting;

Now, let me help you list down the only essential meeting agenda template that you can copy and paste quickly and share it with your participants;

1. General meeting agenda template

**‌Meeting agenda**
- Agenda_item_1
- Agenda_item_2
- Agenda_item_3

**High-level meeting notes:**
- Note_item_1
- Note_item_2
- Note_item_3

- Decision_1
- Decision_2
- Decision_3

**Action items:**
*‌Person 1*
- Action_item_1
- Action_item_2
*‌Person 2*
- Action_item_1
- Action_item_2

**Follow-up meeting:** <Date & time>

If you are already following a template like this, you’re just amazing. If not, just use this Google Docs template, and start getting the meeting rolling.

Why is this template so simple

Well, there are only two things that matter in any form of communication:

  1. Are we getting the point across
  2. Are we making it simple for people to read

This template ticks both the boxes right now. I have personally tested this with my board meetings, stakeholders meeting, client meeting, sales on-boarding meetings, hiring meetings, deployment meetings, tech architecture meeting and almost every type of meeting I have ever been a part of. It just works.

People can understand, agree/disagree and we just move on to work on the action items rather than to spend hours formatting the meeting agenda document.

But the person I am sharing this with is a pretty big deal

That’s okay. For one, they are not better than you. Secondly, they are human. Humans gravitate towards simplicity. This template is super simple and people understand it. Their brand doesn’t have to process color, text-formatting and so much more.

How can I track action items from the meeting

This is why we built HearApp. HearApp is the digital representation of what you would write in your physical note and probably how you would structure it + essentially smarter.

When you start a meeting with HearApp, you just invite the participants, and everyone gets a dedicated space to take notes, see agenda and write down the action items.

Once the meeting is over, they get sent the notes from everyone, collectively in a simple email, copying everyone. Allowing you to talk about the meeting even after the meeting.

Just give HearApp a try, and ping me on chat if you need any help. Let’s do this. 💪

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