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10 apps you can use to take best meeting notes

10 apps you should download to take meeting notes, actionable items and agenda for free. Learn more.

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Why you should be a part of a public work session

‘Work session’ is a new trend wandering the globe. A new way of focussed remote work is to participate in a work session! It’s almost like working together in a physical office space but without your annoying co-worker asking if you’ve checked an email and with great Lo-fi music playing in the background. Have you ever tried this? Explore with us and get more productive!

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How I made Work From Home, WORK.

Working from home is definitely something new I've done in 2020. Sure I've worked from home for maybe a day or two before but that's nothing compared to what I'm doing now. But I picked up a few tricks along the way. Ever heard of “Work Sessions”?

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The only meeting agenda template you will ever need for any meeting (Copy, Past …

The only 5 meeting agenda template that you can copy, past, edit and send to your boss, clients and other stakeholders of the meeting. Learn more.

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The 5 best questions you can ask during a one-on-one meeting

Here are the only five questions that will help you get the maximum out of a one-on-one meeting as a manager. Available on Hear app for all the managers. Learn more.

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What is a one-on-one meeting and how often should you run one?

What is a one-on-one meeting and how often should you run that?

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